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  • Just keep in mind: Ripple eyeing 'multiple' deals after MoneyGram investment #ripple #multiple
  • and needs to respond to the new court demand and sort out their act about #xrp being or not a security. Not in September, but NOW. We need clarity NOW. All of these tweets are just a smoke screen. And it is getting annoying.
  • I cant wait to see what does next. How many more #xrapid customers will they have by end of year?
  • 絶対仕掛け人、北尾社長ですよね
  • Le notizie in Giappone viaggiano con una settimana di ritardo !
  • Ripple is on fire
  • How long is the blink gonna be Kitaky?
  • The question is if xrp is as security. Is that bad for xrp or bad for ripples? Or even good for xrp !!!




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