8/19 17:14  BTC/JPY  1,139,330円 (5.26%)

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  • Do you use CryptoCompare? They allow you to split volume into different fiat currencies and into different hours of the day. Very interesting to see the fiat currency breakdowns for each coin ...
    • Yes, I use CryptoCompare. That would be interesting. But just now I am focusing on the corridors to/from Mexico and Philippine with XRP.
  • Going down?!
    • To tell the truth, the surge in the index for the last week did not seem correct, because sudden increase of volume sometimes raise the index too much. This index is not good at estimation of short-term volume/liquidity.
  • Mr can you please tell me how this works how do I know what the volume is in usd ? I dont understand does numbers thank you
  • hard to read in the chart what was weekend days vs the current price did... this would be most valuable information.
  • 流動性減ってる(^_^;)
    • そうですね。(笑) ただここ2,3週間の出来高の増え方が速すぎて、指数として今までが適切に算出できず、先週の値が過大になっていた可能性もあります。その場合、時間を置いて、実際あるべき適正値に落ち着いている最中かと思います。 いずれにしてもここ1ヶ月で急に増えたことは間違いないです。




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